About fond

Our goal

The main goal of the Lithuanian Dental Charitable Foundation is to provide professional oral health care services, educate and inform the society about healthy lifestyle and good hygiene habits, unite the people of good will for the purpose of providing social support to the most vulnerable members of our society, and unite and educate the community of physicians for provision of professional health care services and public education.


Lithuanian Dental Charitable Foundation was established in 2017 by several dental specialists aiming to unite the doctors and other specialists into an altruistic community with the goal to provide free professional medical aid to those who need it but cannot receive it due to complex circumstances.

Understanding the significance of good health and bright smile for the quality of life, the founders of the charity were joined by numerous other health professionals who supported this initiative and wanted to help the people in need all across Lithuania. Today, we cooperate with several Lithuanian non-governmental organizations and strive to ensure fair conditions for everyone applying for our help.

Our team

Foundation Director
Dalia Sakalauskaitė-Babravičė
E-mail: vadovas@odontologufondas.lt
Phone: +370 694 95775

Our team is the doctors and specialists who provide free services and treatment to the people who need it all over Lithuania. Click HERE to see the list of our good-hearted partners in Lithuania.